We are one of a few Pacific Northwest breeders of registered Hereford Hogs, a heritage breed that has its beginnings in the USA. Herefords are noted for their red bodies with white faces, white legs and docile temperament. For more information about the breed please visit The Livestock Conservancy. Our purebred Herefords are available with or without registration, and we also offer a Hereford/York cross, either are excellent for 4H or butcher. Our pigs are raised on pasture and  fed local grain that is ground fresh on the farm.

We do not sell cuts of pork, the USDA processing fees would prohibit pricing our pork competitively with the supermarkets.

We do offer weaner pigs, these are seven to eight weeks old and you raise them to breed or butcher.

We also offer contract raising for those who don't have time or space to keep a pig. You purchase the weaner and we'll raise it for you. You decide when to harvest and which custom cutter to use, or do it yourself.

We also have, on occasion, a butcher hog available.